Door Overview

American Marine offers several hinged and sliding entry doors for commercial and recreational boats. A variety of styles are available including solid panel, Dutch, French, single-sliding and bi-sliding. These doors are designed to meet various use requirements and weather conditions.

Model 150 Hinged Entry Door is for small boats with no special requirements for weather-tightness. This door is mechanically framed and is available with half or full-height windows, or with a solid inset panel. It is only available in rectangular shapes with mitered corners.

Model 320 Companionway Door is a combination hinged door and hatch cover for mounting in the cockpit bulkhead of express style boats, or for entry into engine rooms on larger yachts.

Model 350/355/360 Hinged Entry Door is a fully weather-tight door with sandwich construction door panel and fully welded jamb frame. It is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and window options; and may have mitered (angular) or radiused (rounded) corners. All hardware is stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

Model 450/460 Sliding Entry Door, like the 300 Series doors, uses a sandwich construction panel and fully welded jamb frame. These top-hung doors combine a deep pocket jamb with an interlocking jamb/edge molding to provide a more weather-resistant closure than most other sliding doors.